Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee


 Aurora Minetti president of Scientific Committee

Since 1995, she’s a member of Puntogel’s Board of Directors, where she operates as sales manager and planning manager, management and provision of training courses both for clients and salesmen.

Favorite flavor: Pistachio

Massimo Bosio president of
Comitato Gelatieri Bergamaschi

Owner of Gelateria Selz Cafè in Clusone, Bergamo, he was born in 1966 and, for the fourth time, is president of Comitato Gelatieri Bergamaschi.

favorite flavor: Mielgot

Luciana Polliotti journalist and researcher of history of artisanal gelato

She collaborates with newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows. In 2013 she was curator of the Gelato Museum Carpigiani. She was co-founder of Gelato World Cup. She published “1910-2010, 100 years of Italian artisanal gelato” for Ediltrade.

favorite flavor: Pistachio

Emanuele Prati secretary-general of the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo

He arrived at the Chamber of Commerce in June 1996, by winning the competition for the position of deputy secretary-general. Since 2009 he holds the position of President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo.

favorite flavor: Hazelnut

Giovanna Ricuperati president of Marketing +39 association

CEO of Multi-consult, she’s president of Marketing +39 association and holds the position of SIT President at Confindustria Bergamo. She is promoter of a marketing model able to valorize creativity, long-term planning and an economy based on knowing “how to do” and “how to think”.

favorite flavor: Licorice

Giancarlo Timballo delegate of Gelato World Cup

His love for gelato starts when he’s 30 years old. Since then, his career is characterized by passion, creativity, research and professional know-how as a gelato chef. During the years, he’s also discovered new itineraries to create “savory” gelato.

favorite flavor: Fiordilatte

Stefano Tomelleri professor at the Università degli Studi di Bergamo

He’s Professor of Sociology of Collective Phenomena at the Department of Human and Social Sciences of Università di Bergamo, where he is Chairman of the Faculty of Teacher Training Pedagogical Sciences and deputy director of the University research center CYFE – Center for Young and Family Enterprise.

favorite flavor: Stracciatella

ExpoGelato has brought together the experts in the supply chain of artisanal gelato, and has formed a Scientific Committee that is passionate, competent and very aware of the importance of its role.


The Committee members come from the academic, cultural, institutional and corporate field and were able to make a strength out of their diversity.


The Committee has followed all technical/scientific aspects related to the supply chain of artisanal gelato, in order to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the contents throughout the event.


In particular, the Committee has used its own educational and professional background and has worked to create, in the audience, a greater awareness of the inestimable cultural and economic value of the Italian artisanal gelato.


The program included meetings, workshops and interesting training sessions involving prominent personalities in the industry.