Francesca Perani architect and interior designer

Francesca Perani (Bergamo, 1972) graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1999.

She collaborates with design firms in Belgium, Australia, United Kingdom and Italy. Among her mentors, Enzo Mari, Russell Hall and Edoardo Milesi.

Architect and designer, she ranges from interior design to interactive design. Research and experimentation are the foundations of her design approach. She deftly handles irony and a voluntary rupture of the most obvious schemes to represent unusual spaces and inspire new interactions. She expresses herself through objects and surfaces laden with a strong communicative-emotional connotation. Artisanal tradition and technology become elements inseparable from the definition of the project. Francesca accompanies her profession with an investigation on the “projected routine”, through a compulsive use of the photographical instrument.

Since 2007, she is owner of francescaperanienterprise, a studio operating in the interior design field and artistic direction.

In 2012, she fulfilled the position of Vice President of the Association of Bergamo Architects, coordinator of the Archidonne group and, since 2011, she has been teaching international courses of Retail and Exhibition Design at IED.

The gelato and the color that doesn’t exist: absolute black.

Transparency and bright colors enrich the vision and bring, on stage, the vitality, the history and the experience of Italian and Bergamo companies gravitating around the excellent artisanal gelato. A strong sensory exhibition where the visitor is filled with unusual materialities. Architecture, design and communication work together in a unique way by creating a true Gelato Experience.

Three historic sites in the heart of Centro Piacentiniano in Bergamo, three unique experiences to be tasted in sequence: discovering, making and eating. The Cloister of Santa Marta, the gallery, Piazza Matteotti: places connected by a soft, black floor, the unexpected and neutral stage for varied and multifarious colors, flavors, intoxicating scents typical of the artisanal gelato. Luminescent slabs made of colored transparent acrylic narrate the artisans protagonists, and triangular seats made of recycled rubber, run through the square, breaking up and then gathering up again, in a soft urban living room.