The agora of gelato

Piazza Matteotti/
Sentierone / Via Crispi

24121 Bergamo

Living the gelato outdoors. This is the philosophy expressed by the Living, the island of urban comfort where people can enjoy their gelato in full relax.

Piazza Matteotti is covered with a special material, made of a soft texture which invites you to seat.

Small bells are ringing, because they are animated by the wind or because their strings are pulled by children. Their tinkling sound will remind you of the gelato-carts that, in the past, would bring that pleasurable coolness to our grandparents, going through the streets and touting their arrival with their distinctive ringing.

The gelato collects the sight, the touch, the hearing, the taste and amplifies the sense. Sitting in the Living means inhabiting the world of gelato, sharing with your friends all the good it has to give.