The Gelato Laboratory

The Gelato Laboratory


During the entire event, from 11 AM, a gelato chef will show, in a live-cooking laboratory, how artisanal gelato is made: between human craftsmanship and technologic innovation.


Decorated, carved, main star of sweet and savory recipes, the gelato inspires the creativity of the World Cup champions and of the masters of the Italian School of Gelato. They will all perform, live, in real “flavor shows”, open to operators, business targets and to whoever loves gelato. And the Fondazioni Veronesi reveals the 6 flavors that are good for your health.

Mon-Thur 11am-10pm
Fri 11am-11pm
Sat 11am-11pm
Dom 10am-10pm

Piazza Matteotti/
 Via Crispi corner

24121 Bergamo

How an artisanal gelato is made?

The Lab has the answer

Located at the entrance of Galleria di Santa Marta, the Lab is the center of attraction for all who want to see, with their own eyes, the final result of the supply chain shown in the Gallery: a product of very high quality, healthy and loved by all generations, the artisanal gelato.

The Lab is managed by the Comitato Gelatieri.

Everyone has their own flavor!

Inside the Lab, everyone can find their favorite flavor and explore new ones.
There are three key points: seasonality, quality of the ingredients and absolute freshness.

The Lab offers the public three categories of flavors, for a total of 16 gelato flavors every day:

  • The Classics: timeless flavors, from chocolate to stracciatella, to fruits
  • The Territorials: flavors that are specialty of local companies, shown in the Gallery
  • The Gelato of the Day: the gelato shops participating to the event propose the flavor of the day, ready to be savored

The Lab gelato is also take away.