American Bar Oasi


American Bar Oasi

Via Treviglio, 3461
24045 Fara Gera D’Adda (BG)

Datterino e Lamponi

  • Datterino tomatoes
  • Raspberries
Datterino and Raspberries” is an unusual and yet interesting combination, with Datterino tomatoes and raspberries as main stars. The flavonoids of the tomato and the raspberry mix, offering a summer flavor particularly suitable as a defense against the inflammation of the cardiovascular tract. The high amount of fiber, vitamin C and lycopene make this flavor exceptionally precious.


  • Garibalda bread
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Fresh cream
  • Extra virgin olive oil
The “Garibalda” flavor stems from the desire to create a bread-flavored gelato using the official Bergamo bread, the Garibalda. The idea came mainly to highlight the raw materials of the Bergamo territory. In addition to bread, this gelato is made of fresh milk, sugar, fresh cream and extra virgin olive oil. This particular flavor is used to accompany appetizers, cured meats and cheese dishes and obviously is a must for a super snack with bread-flavored gelato and chocolate.  


MOro” comes from the desire of creating a new flavor for the city of Bergamo, while remaining faithful to some typical ingredients. The name M’Oro is a reminder of the beautiful walls of Bergamo: “M”, in fact, commemorates the Moor of Venice, because the walls have Venetian origins. The final meaning of this name is “golden walls”, a symbol of good wishes for the city of Bergamo.  

Moscato di Scanzo

The “Moscato di Scanzo” flavor sees as its main ingredient the precious sweet wine of the area: the Moscato di Scanzo Rosciate. This wine, with its ruby red color, brilliant and intoxicating, is gently sweet, harmonious and incredibly persistent. These features also accompany the Moscato-flavored gelato.