Gelato is served in small glasses

A container for every occasion

In important tableware, there were plates, cups and glasses for gelato, realized in various shapes and made of precious materials such as crystal, silver, finely decorated glass or porcelain. The gelato sold on the street was served in small handleless glasses, sometimes with a small foot, anyway never in a hygienic way. In 1926, in London, the selling of gelato on the streets was prohibited, while in other countries it continued until the paraffined cups were introduced, since they were a good solution: they were hygienic, disposable, inexpensive and therefore spread very quickly. In public places the hygienic problem was less perceived because they could actually clean up the containers; glasses were gradually replaced with large cups realized with different materials; the favorite of artisanal gelato shops until the 60s and 70s of the Twentieth century were metal cups, because they could previously be cooled and would keep the gelato at its right temperature. The “scoop” with its wooden handle was used with the classic metal spoon: with this instruments, the gelato maker filled the containers with gelato or sorbet.