1980-1985 – SIGEP was born in Rimini and artisanal gelato becomes science

A new fair for artisan gelato makers and pastry chefs

At the beginning of the 80s there was an event that deeply affected the history of artisanal gelato of Italian tradition. In Rimini, on January 17, 1980, the 1st International Exhibition of Artisanal Gelato and Pastry was inaugurated with a strong international connotation. While acknowledging that Longarone had given birth to the fair, and being Milan Expo in decline, the Salone di Rimini was characterized, first of all, for its central position. In addition, the city is well organized and accustomed to welcome guests from every part of the world. The SIGEP shows products and novelties but also organizes activities to professionally stimulate artisan gelato makers and pastry chefs. This choice has proved, over the years, to be successful and allowed the Salone to multiply exhibitors and visitors and to be recognized worldwide as a reference point.


From empiricism to science: the gelato of the 80s

In the second half of the 80s a few books that establish a line dividing the past from the present are published. These are books that face the profession from a technical and scientific point of view. The times – according to the authors –  were ripe, for the category of artisan gelato makers, to be updated from a technical and scientific point of view. The first book was published in 1985 by Giovanni Preti: The Italian artisanal gelato; the artwork came from the Carpigiani archive and even though the book was a “trailblazer”, it was not able to break the mistrust of gelato makers. The second book, Science and Technology of artisanal gelato, was written in 1986 by Luca Caviezel, a gelato maker and technician specialized in chemistry. It was published by Chiriotti Editori and had a great success. Every ingredient was explained in detail, with a simple and understandable language. The recipes were spun off and the “balance” – meaning the proportion between the various ingredients to make a perfect gelato – became simple and easily reproducible. For years, that book has trained legions of gelato makers.