History of Gelato

Gelato is an historical and cultural patrimony belonging to the entire humankind. No one has actually invented the gelato, but many have contributed to its creation by improving, over the centuries, both its recipe and its working process.

In the beginning there was the Shrb, a fruit sorbet, until you get to the scientific study that makes gelato not only a healthy food, but also a controlled food from every point of view.

Middle Age: the Shrb, the progenitor of sorbet
Renaissance – the triumph of gelato in the Palace (XVI century)
1600: the gelato leaves the Palace and becomes “democratic”
1700 – Official medicine approves and sorbet enters the great cookbooks
1800 – the golden age of gelato
1800 – carts and street vendors: gelato is looking for new customers
1800 – ice becomes artificial
1800 – the molds for gelato
2° half of 1800 and early 1900 – people from Zoldo, Cadore and Friuli as ambassadors of gelato in the world
1910-1920 – The batch freezer and the laboratory: how we were
1927-1931 – the revolution of Motogelateria Cattabriga
Gelato is served in small glasses
Gelato and ice cream: two different stories
2° half of 1900: the arrival of ice cream in Italy and the difficult cohabitation with artisanal gelato
1959 – Gelato, gelato makers and producers on display in Longarone
1960 – pasteurizers: the great revolution in the artisan laboratory
1960 – horizontal batch freezers: convenience and security in the vocabulary of gelato
1980-1985 – SIGEP was born in Rimini and artisanal gelato becomes science